RickuSan Reincarnation of Peace Creator 'Magician'
The most known spy, "Notorious" died on his duty to destroy a nuclear facility, his carelessness causes him to face death while he was about to finish his job and got blown up into pieces. "Notorious" got reincarnated to another world and carries a commandment from God to bring peace upon this another world without any memories of him getting reincarnated, and his first fate after getting reincarnated...
xFrostFirex The Children Of The Dark
Noctis watched as everything he watched was stripped away one at a time. His family? Gone. His home? Burned to the ground. His lover? Butchered while he was forced to watch. When his own time came he was offered a deal. Sign a contract or simply fade away.
MangekyouSharingan I can't use chakra
Kira, who was killed by a truck, was reincarnated in the Naruto world. However, instead of a system or other cheats, he gained a body that did not have chackra network, making it impossible for him to use jutsus.

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